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Strategic Plan & Annual Report

Strategic Business Plan

The Strategic Business Plan illustrates how Devizes Town Council will help to create the conditions to support developing Devizes as an attractive place to live, work and visit.

All councils face tough challenges over the next three years but not withstanding this, Devizes Town Council believes that it must promote and encourage improvements to the economy and environment of Devizes whilst respecting the heritage that is the hallmark of our historic town.

Following public consultation, it is clear that local people value a vibrant, clean and safe town which makes Devizes a highly desirable place in which to live, work and visit. However, Devizes Town Council recognises that it cannot be complacent understanding that many of the “public realm” services, which are currently delivered by Wiltshire Council will be reduced in the face of funding constraints.

As such, one of the key priorities for Devizes Town Council is working with other organisations to create a sustainable framework in which high standard services can continue to be delivered.

Download The Strategic Business Plan 2018-2023

Annual Report

Each year Devizes Town Council produces an Annual Report which gives summarises the Council’s activities and financial position for the last financial year.

This report sits alongside other publications that are produced, such as the Annual Statement of Accounts and the Council Tax leaflet.

Download Devizes Town Council Annual Report

The Council manages its services in line with the adopted “Vision Statement” and “ Objectives” for the authority and these were reviewed and re-adopted in 2018.

All services that are delivered by the Town Council should meet one or more core objectives.

    A Vision for Devizes by 2023

The Town Council’s vision for Devizes is that by 2023:

Devizes will have continued to embrace change, which makes it an attractive place to live, encourages the business growth, providing enhanced opportunities to work in the Town and to maintain and promote its cultural and heritage identity, making it a great place to visit.”

Over the next five years, the Council will develop and promote policies which supports this “Vision”, making Devizes a better place to live, work and visit.

In developing a policy, the Council will identify how any change brings the Town closer to the stated vision, whilst measuring this benefit against environmental, financial or risk implications.

The Town Council recognises that many areas of the Town’s development stray beyond its direct sphere of influence, therefore it is committed to working with partners and stakeholders where a joint approach is necessary.


The Council has set out objectives it believes will support the delivery of its “Vision”.  These objectives have been grouped into broad headings that are complementary to Wiltshire Council’s Strategic Business Plan, as the Town Council believes there are opportunities for co-operation between all the local authorities that manage the development of the Town and its public services.

Economic Opportunities

The Town Council believes that as Devizes grows, opportunities for employment should also grow, ensuring that those who wish to work and live in the Town can do so.

Initiatives such as better access to the rail network, development of incubator units and attracting a skilled workforce to the town will help but also support the high street. Initiatives to increase footfall will be essential.

Community Opportunities

Devizes has a strong tradition with a sense of place, which is reinforced by the knowledge that many people settle here for many years, enjoying the extensive range of activities the Town has to offer. However for this to be sustained, there needs to be sufficient and appropriate housing.

Public Service Opportunities

As the Town grows, as it inevitably will, it is vital that the delivery of public services can adapt to meet changing demands. Centralisation of services at a local level will support this providing a chance to deliver them effectively and efficiently but with sufficient agility to meet sudden or unplanned needs.  A programme of serviced devolution from Wiltshire will foster greater accountability for local public service delivery.