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Cemetery Map & Burial Options

Devizes Cemetery Map
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Within Devizes cemetery there are two types of burial available, a full interment or the interment of cremated remains.

Over time and, in keeping with historical practices, the cemetery has been divided into several areas, a mixture of consecrated and unconsecrated ground.

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Burial Options

Full Interment

This can take place in any part of the cemetery with the exception of the areas set aside for Cremated Remains and the Garden of Remembrance. Most burials currently take place in the area identified as ‘EX2’ (see internal layout map). Once this area becomes full, burials will take place in the newest extension, designated as ‘EX4’ however there are still opportunities for a burial to take place in the older sections of the cemetery.

Only standard size headstone memorials are allowed to be erected in the ‘EX2 and the new ‘EX4’ areas but it is possible to purchase a grave space in the older sections where larger or more ornate memorials are permitted.

These areas are again split down into consecrated and unconsecrated areas and the faith of the person to be interred or their family may influence which area the burial is to take place. The newly acquired section identified as ‘EX4’ will remain largely unconsecrated.

The policy of the Burial Committee is that all new graves be dug to a minimum depth of 8ft. This is to help prevent difficulties occurring should a family member change their mind about being buried in the same plot.

Cremated Remains Interment

This can take place in the designated cremated remains areas in the tablet or headstone sections (identified as ‘Lawn’ and ‘EX3’ respectively). Again these areas are divided into consecrated and unconsecrated areas. There is also a section set aside in the newly acquired area for lawn burials and this will be identified as the ‘Lawn2’ area (Cremated Remains without headstones) and will remain largely unconsecrated.

It is possible to enter cremated remains in the main burial sections, even if the grave space has had a former burial at level 1 (the one nearest the surface). This is common practice for family graves that are fully occupied.

Young Children and Babies

There is currently no section dedicated to young children or babies but the burial authority does recognise the importance and sensitivity of this sad occurrence. The burial authority has identified a quiet section of the cemetery that might be suitable as a designated area and officers managing the cemetery are currently investigating how best to move this forward. Your views on this would be most welcome.

Non Church of England (C of E) Faiths

Faiths other than Church of England (and non-faith) would normally be buried in unconsecrated areas. If your faith is C of E you may opt to be buried in either the consecrated ground or in an unconsecrated area. Due to the historical layout of the cemetery none of the plots are aligned to Mecca so if this is of significance to you or your family this is something you need to bear in mind at the time of arranging the funeral.

Green Burials

Due to the historical layout of the cemetery there is no specific area set aside for Natural Burials. However the use of biodegradable materials for burial is allowed subject to agreement by the Burial Authority. Your undertaker should be able to advise as to what materials might be suitable (don’t forget that it is not just the material of the coffin and shroud you need to consider as modern clothing is sometimes not biodegradable (i.e. Nylon) and embalming is not a common practice for green burials).