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Committee: Cabinet

The Cabinet Committee was set up during the first pandemic lockdown of 2020, in order that the Council could undertake its democratic function safely. With changes in legislation, the committee later met digitally with meeting digital id set out at the agenda

With the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19, the Council has put in place measures that will help protect those Councillors who are most at risk from the virus, yet allow the Council to continue to operate as an elected and democratic body.

During times of national, regional or local emergency, the Council may suspend the normal committee structure and appoint a Cabinet Committee for a term of not more than six months, which is empowered to exercise and perform all powers and duties of the Council, with the exception of those matters listed below:

(a) Precepting a rate

(b) Borrowing money

(c) Making, amending or revoking bye laws

(c) Making of Orders under any statutory powers

(e) Prosecution or defence in a court of law.

The Cabinet Committee is empowered to incur expenditure where there is an allocated budget or make extraordinary payment if in the interests of the Council and community of Devizes.

At any time after the Committee has been appointed, it can determine that its emergency function in no longer necessary and request that Full Council reinstates the normal committee structure.


The Cabinet Committee had seven Full Members and 14 Deputies

Full member Councillors were: Carter, Corbett, Giraud Saunders, Godwin, Nash & Pennington

The Full Members of the Cabinet can appoint Deputies in the event that they are unable to attend through illness or self-confinement.

The links below take you to committee agendas and minutes. Should you need to identify a specific minute, please contact Town Council officers who will be happy to help

Meeting Agenda & Minutes

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Agenda 30th June 2020

Minutes 30th June 2020

Agenda 9th June 2020

Minutes 9th June 2020

Agenda 12th May 2020

Minutes 12th May 2020

Agenda 21st April 2020

Minutes 21st April 2020