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Cllr. Jennie Britten

Roundway Ward | Devizes Guardians

Cllr. Jenny Britten

Town Council Committees 

Chair of Personnel Committee

Community Committee

Offices Held 

Deputy Mayor 2024-2025


Literature/Theatre/Music/Arts -I read widely and consistently. I regularly attend Music, Drama, Dance, Arts and Food Festival events and opportunities on offer in Devizes.

Fitness -I study Ballet, I walk and run, and I attend Gym workouts when possible.

My family – My husband and I have two children, one who is currently studying at University, the other who attends a local Devizes school.


I will collaborate with my fellow Councillors and Officers to ensure that Devizes Town Council is an effective and productive team, delivering the appropriate actions and solutions necessary to enable our community to thrive and flourish.

As a keen supporter of keeping our local High Street alive and thriving and ensuring that Devizes is a vibrant hub. I will continue my work in supporting local traders, markets, industry, hospitality and Arts events.  This is to the benefit of all Devizes people, and also attracts visitors to our town.

I will utilise my extensive experience in HR management and retail business in furthering in my aspirations for Devizes.

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