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Cllr. Jonathan Hunter

East Ward | Devizes Guardians

Cllr. Jonathan Hunter

First Elected

May 2021

Town Council Committees 

Commercial Committee

Community Committee

Other representations 

Area Board Air Quality Steering Group


I’m married to Melanie and have two grown up daughters who attended local schools. I’m an experienced senior manager of 30 years, working for some of Britain’s biggest brands.

My interests and hobbies are travel, music and gardening. I am also an enthusiastic fan of Newcastle United, cricket and F1.

Like many I am passionate about protecting our precious environment so a greener Devizes is something I’m very keen to support.

I passionately believe in equality and social justice, in recent years I’ve focused on community work; I am a volunteer and trustee of Devizes Opendoors helping vulnerable and homeless people.

Last year I co-founded the Devizes Covid19 Support Group and I am very proud to be the Lead of Love Devizes and develop its work and purpose.

I believe a local councillor should work hard for the good of the community and serve the residents by actively listening and responding to their concerns.

As a local councillor I am a team player who is always focused on getting the job done well and ensuring a community first outcome.


My aspirations are to help Devizes build on it’s historic heritage and ensure that the Town Council works hard to encourage local ethical employment by supporting local businesses, create a vibrant post pandemic town centre, promote a greener town with carefully thought out and costed planting schemes. I would work to ensure that the Council engages with other local groups to develop transport solutions to improve air quality. I will also ensure that the Council delivers excellent value for money.

I believe there is plenty to gain by working closely with Wiltshire Council to influence and therefore ensure Devizes gets the road and pavement investment it fully deserves, looking after motorists and encouraging more cycle users.

My focus will be to ensure that the Town Council has a clear and coherent voice and is completely relentless in getting the very best out of the county’s resources for Devizes.

As an individual I am energetic, have a positive can-do approach and value the importance of listening.

My whole career has been spent in leadership so I know the importance of engagement and teamwork.

I expect a local Council to be a hard working high performance team serving the community to deliver the very best solutions to see communities thrive.

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SN10 2BY, SN10 2BZ, SN10 2DP, SN10 2DQ, SN10 2EJ, SN10 2EL, SN10 2EN, SN10 2SH, SN10 2SJ, SN10 2SL, SN10 2SP, SN10 2SR, SN10 2SS, SN10 2TD, SN10 2TE, SN10 2TF, SN10 2TH, SN10 2TJ, SN10 3AA, SN10 3AD, SN10 3AE, SN10 3AF, SN10 3AG, SN10 3AH, SN10 3AJ, SN10 3AL, SN10 3AN, SN10 3AP, SN10 3AQ, SN10 3AR, SN10 3AS, SN10 3AT, SN10 3AU, SN10 3AW, SN10 3AX, SN10 3AY, SN10 3AZ, SN10 3BA, SN10 3BB, SN10 3BD, SN10 3BE, SN10 3BF, SN10 3BG, SN10 3BH, SN10 3BJ, SN10 3BL, SN10 3BN, SN10 3BP, SN10 3BQ, SN10 3BS, SN10 3BT, SN10 3BU, SN10 3BW, SN10 3BX, SN10 3BY, SN10 3BZ, SN10 3DA, SN10 3DB, SN10 3DD, SN10 3DE, SN10 3DF, SN10 3DG, SN10 3DH, SN10 3DJ, SN10 3DL, SN10 3DN, SN10 3DP, SN10 3DQ, SN10 3DR, SN10 3DS, SN10 3DT, SN10 3DU, SN10 3DW, SN10 3DX, SN10 3DY, SN10 3DZ, SN10 3EA, SN10 3EB, SN10 3ED, SN10 3EE, SN10 3EF, SN10 3EG, SN10 3EH, SN10 3EJ, SN10 3EL, SN10 3EN, SN10 3EP, SN10 3EQ, SN10 3ER, SN10 3ES, SN10 3ET, SN10 3EU, SN10 3EW, SN10 3EX, SN10 3EY, SN10 3FA, SN10 3FB, SN10 3FD, SN10 3FE, SN10 3FF, SN10 3FG, SN10 3FH, SN10 3FJ, SN10 3FL, SN10 3FN, SN10 3FP, SN10 3FQ, SN10 3FR, SN10 3FS, SN10 3GD, SN10 3GE, SN10 3GF, SN10 3GN, SN10 3GW, SN10 3HA, SN10 3HE, SN10 3HF, SN10 3HG, SN10 3HH, SN10 3HJ, SN10 3HL, SN10 3HN, SN10 3HQ, SN10 3HW, SN10 3LU, SN10 3LW, SN10 3RT, SN10 3RU, SN10 3RX, SN10 3RY, SN10 3RZ, SN10 3SA, SN10 3SB, SN10 3SD, SN10 3SG, SN10 3SH, SN10 3SJ, SN10 3SL, SN10 3SN, SN10 3SQ, SN10 3SW, SN10 5AA, SN10 5AB, SN10 5AD