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Cllr. Richard Oliver OBE

Roundway Ward | Conservative

Cllr. Richard Oliver


Brickham House
London Road
SN10 2DS

First Elected

May 2021

Committees and Working Parties

Planning Committee

Community & Civic Resources Committee

Personnel Committee

Neighbourhood Area Planning

Christmas Lights Working Party

Community Grants

Greening Sustainability Biodiversity 

Youth Provision



Operational Policy Review 

Commercial Properties 

Strategic Plan

Other Representations

Wiltshire Association of Local Councils 

Devizes Town Trusts Management Committee

Local Highways & Footpath Improvement Group (LHFIG)

Roundway Flood Warden


Philosophy, Politics and Welfare Economics

Rugby Union, British and English sport, European heritage.

I have Christian ethos and values with strong interests in the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe.


Continue in maintaining Devizes as a flourishing market town which is attractive to visitors and a great place to live.
To make better connections for the benefit of the residents of Devizes.

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