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ARCHIVED Committee: Community & Civic Resources

This is an archive page. Please refer to the Community Committee for minutes & agenda after 30th April 2024.

The Community & Civic Resources (C&CR) Committee meets on a six week cycle alternating in rotation with the Recreation and Properties Committee and forward planning sessions. These meetings are held on a Tuesday following directly after the Planning Committee meeting in the Council Chamber.

C&CR Committee Responsibilities

This committee has a remit to consider matters relating to:

  • The democratic process
  • The appointment of Members to Outside Bodies, including school governors
  • To respond to consultation documents and projects generated by other organisations (unless the nature of the consultation falls within the operational remit of Recreation & Properties Committee)
  • Crime Prevention and Community Safety
  • Grants – to make payments of grants in accordance with Council policy and within the budget allocation
  • Mayoralty, Civic Events and Insignia & Plate including Town Crest
  • Communication & web site
  • Twinning
  • Christmas Lights
  • Devizes Festival and Devizes Carnival
  • Committee & Member Services
  • Legal Services
  • Financial procedures
  • Office Services
  • Personnel Services & Central Management
  • Telephone and Reception

Twelve members of the Council are permitted to sit on the Community & Civic Resources Committee, these are:


Mrs Bridewell, Corbett, Mrs Gay, Geddes, Hopkins, Ms Hoult, Hunter, Nash, Oliver, Mrs Rose, Stevens and Ms Tanner.

The links below take you to committee agendas and minutes.  Should you need to identify a specific minute, please contact Town Council officers who will be happy to help.

Meeting Agenda & Minutes

To view the documents please click the date link

Agenda 30th April 2024
Minutes 30th April 2024
Agenda 19th March 2024
Minutes 19th March 2024
Agenda 6th February 2024
Minutes 6th February 2024


Agenda 19th December 2023
Minutes 19th December 2023
Agenda 7th November 2023
Minutes 7th November 2023
Agenda 26th September 2023
Minutes 26th September 2023
Agenda 15th August 2023
Minutes 15th August 2023
Agenda 4th July 2023
Minutes 4th July 2023
Agenda 23rd May 2023 
Minutes 23rd May 2023 
Special Agenda 9th May 2023 
Minutes 9th May 2023 
Agenda 25th April 2023
Minutes 25th April 2023
Agenda 14th March 2023 
Minutes 14th March 2023 
Agenda 31st January 2023 
Minutes 31st January 2023 

Agenda 20th December 2022
Minutes 20th December 2022 
Special Agenda 22nd November 2022 
Agenda 8th November 2022
Minutes 8th November 2022
Agenda 27th September 2022
Minutes 27th September 2022
Agenda 16th August 2022
Minutes 16th August 2022
Agenda 2nd August 2022
Minutes 2nd August 2022 
Agenda 5th July 2022
Minutes 5th July 2022
Agenda 24th May 2022
Minutes 24th May 2022
Agenda 10th May 2022
Minutes 10th May 2022
Agenda 29th March 2022
Minutes 29th March 2022
Agenda 10th March 2022
Minutes 10th March 2022
Agenda 15th February 2022
Minutes 15th February 2022
Agenda 4th January 2022
Minutes 4th January 2022

Agenda 23rd November 2021
Minutes 23rd November 2021
Agenda 12th October 2021
Minutes 12th October 2021
Agenda 31st August 2021
Minutes 31st August 2021
Agenda 27th July 2021
Minutes 27th July 2021
Agenda 20th July 2021
Minutes 20th July 2021
Agenda 22nd June 2021
Minutes 22nd June 2021
Agenda 8th June 2021
Minutes 8th June 2021