One Council for Devizes

So what do we spend money on….

    Budgeted Expenditure Budgeted Income
Cost of Democracy and Good Governance

We are fortunate to live in a democratic society, but it does come at a cost.

The Council does this by lobbying on behalf of the community, by having a place where residents can come to voice any issues they may have, through delivering neighbourhood planning principals as well as the more mundane such as the proper preparation of reports, agenda and minutes for the committees that provide the strategic direction of the many services that the Council delivers.

£70,848 12,040
Civic  and Ceremonial including Twinning

Devizes has a rich heritage with many traditions and customs.  The Town Council is at the forefront of keeping these alive and relevant in our modern society.  

Included with this section is the cost of maintaining our links with our twin towns.  This 50 year plus association is enjoyed by many in our community.

32,727 850
Community Engagement  and Communication

We know how important it is that the Town Council is open and transparent, so that it is easy for our community to find out what it is doing and when it is doing it.

The cost of the Town Council newsletter and website are included within this element as well as activities such as national town benchmarking  

11,110 -
Corporate Management

This is the bit nobody wants to pay for, but like any organisation, Devizes Town Council will not run itself.

This cost is not simply funding the delivery of Council strategies and ambitions through the senior management team, it also covers the accounting and personnel functions.  

Revenue from investments is also shown here.  

168,046 284,223
Grants to the Community Where we can, we support community groups either through direct financial payments or by the free use of venues. 23,150  
Supporting the Arts Devizes has a strong cultural identity through its many festival and community activities. The Town Council does what it can to support them. 25,249  
Buildings & Monuments

Devizes has a wealth of iconic buildings and monuments. 

Some, such as the Corn Exchange are successfully run commercially.  Other structures, such as the fountain, visually enhance our town, but provide no income. 

As you can imagine, being custodians of such precious history comes at a cost and the Town Council is committed to maintaining them to a high standard for us all to enjoy.

300,025 199,350


Leisure Centre

Since 1988, Devizes Town Council has been part of an agreement with Wiltshire Council to help provide the Leisure Centre. 

Each year there is a substantial financial contribution towards the cost of running the Leisure Centre to ensure that Devizes Residents continue to have easy access to good quality leisure facilitates

64,372 -
Parks and Open Spaces

These facilities are at the heart of our service delivery. 

Not only do we maintain our own facilities to a high standard, we have become increasingly concerned about the poor quality of maintenance of areas own by Wiltshire Council and have made a commitment to do something about that by seeking to take on and top up Wiltshire Council operations.

415,892 50,000
Public Conveniences 

This is a new service provision for the Town Council, which has been taken on from Wiltshire Council.

We are committed to ensuring that they are clean, safe and easily accessible.

84,469 8,000

Christmas Lighting

And Festival

Christmas would not be Christmas in Devizes without the Christmas Festival, the lights and the magnificent  Christmas Tree that adorns the Market Place

Local residents tell us how much they enjoy the town at this festive time and that it makes Devizes a special place.

43,427 4,347
Devizes Cemetery

A traditional service provided by local authorities.

Whilst it is something that none of us really wants to think about, it is nice to know it’s there should you need it.

46,238 43,600
Community Safety The Town Council does not run the CCTV system, however, it does recognise the important role that it plays in keeping our town safe and a grant is provided each year to help support this. 18,728  
Economic Regeneration 

Promoting Devizes as a great place to visit and shop is in everyone’s interest by keeping Devizes a economically vibrant, bustling market town.

We support local businesses to help themselves through a number of initiatives.

Capital programme

Everyone and every organisation has things that they own which eventually need to be replaced.

Each year we have a programme to renew larger capital items to keep the organisation running as efficiently and as reliably as possible.

Totals 1,4304,81




The Balance of funding come from part of your Council tax bill