Avon Terrace Colston Road Parking Issues - Consultation

 To Residents of: Avon Terrace, Colston Road, Jubilee Buildings and Sheppard Close.

At a recent meeting of the Town Council’s Planning Committee, following representation it was agreed to consult with the residents of Avon Terrace, Colston Road, Jubilee Buildings and Sheppard Close to see if there could be a majority agreement for some form of parking management scheme for the area.

At the meeting, those residents who attended favoured a residents parking scheme but when looking at how to manage the problem other options are available.  All parking schemes are implemented and managed by Wiltshire Council.  

  1. Residents parking Scheme. Only permit holding residents to park in the area, however parking permits have to be purchased and cost in the region of £100 per year. Visitors are precluded from parking in residential areas unless a visitor pass is purchased.  Whilst this scheme will have the desired affect it can be costly for residents and does not guarantee a space as there are potentially more residents with cars than spaces.
  2. Time Limited Parking Restriction Restricts the amount of time cars can park in the area between two time periods (Say Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm but this can be varied). Is less effective than residents parking scheme but comes at no cost to residents however it does impact on residents as they also can’t park all day.

Please click this link to comple the consultation form..


Forms should be completed by Friday 6th October.

Should you have any questions please contact Simon Fisher 01380 722160 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.