Town Benchmarking

This is the third year that Devizes has been compared with other towns nationally
and in the South West through People & Places Town Benchmarking. There has
been a tremendous response from interviewees in the town with suggestions on
how to improve the town centre and its economic performance. In the last two
years the benchmarking process has led to a number of tangible benefits to the
town such as the provision of coach parking and the award of Coach Friendly status
to Devizes together with an increase in coach activity. Business receptions and
meetings have been held to present and discuss the findings and to provide a forum
for discussion of issues which have arisen.
The report for 2014 compares Devizes with other small and large towns in the South
West and nationally. The town centre is classified as ‘large’ as it has over 250
business units and its total is 273 units.

To download or view the report as a pdf please click the cover image.



2014 - Devizes Benchmarking Report


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