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Tuesday 16 October 2018 7pm - Full Council Committee Meeting (click here for Agenda), Planning Committee Meeting (click here for Agenda) and Community & Civic Resources Committee Meeting (click here for Agenda).


Notice of Interim External Audit Report issues 28/09/2018 (click here)

Catering Advert

Please see below link to the printable/foldable Medieval Town Trail around our beautiful town and information on Devizes in Focus.

Medieval Trail 

Devizes in Focus

 A parking working group made up from members of the Town Council, local businesses and heritage groups have looked at Wiltshire Council’s requirements and believe there is a middle option by providing some mixed use. We would welcome your views and would ask that you complete the attached survey form.Many thanks.Link to survey..  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SHBXK7D


Allotments available - contact Cathy on 01380 722160 for further details.


The next Councillors Roadshow will be inside the Shambles Market on Saturday 17 November 2018 between 10am and 1pm.  Come along and engage with your councillors.

Lost Property

If you have lost something in the Town, please head to the Library on Sheep Street.  They may have it or will be able to report it to the police for you.

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We have a new facebook page which we will hope you will follow.  We will use it to say what we are doing and listen to what you have to say.. Click to follow Facebook

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