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Public Consultation

Throughout the year the Town Council consults with the residents of the parish on a number of issues which includes determining the level of satisfaction for the services Devizes Town Council is empowered to provide.

Consultation takes place in many ways such as face-to-face, via the postal services, via the Messenger newsletter and by telephone. Councillors and officers believe that the most effective form of consultation is carried out face-to-face as this gives the public an opportunity to speak directly to their ward town councillor. this type of consultation also gives the council an opportunity to put on display current information about local council projects and events.

Statutory Questions –  Best Value Performance Plan

 Method of Consultation

Parks and Open Spaces
 Satisfaction with parks and gardens  Face-to-face (town centre/park areas)
 Satisfaction with play areas  Face-to-face (town centre/play areas)
Satisfaction with allotments Postal (annual billing)
Residents awareness of the Town Council services Face-to-face (town centre)
Satisfaction with the local area as a place to live Face-to-face (town centre)
Consider local area is improving Face-to-face (town centre)
Consider public amenities easy to get to Face-to-face (town centre)
Satisfaction with Christmas lighting Face-to-face (town centre)

Consultation Plan

Where consultation requires the Council to take some action, this is set out in the consultation Action Plan.  Click here to learn more.

To deliver many of the suggestions that come forward through our consultation the Council makes budget provision.  Click here to learn more.

Something to get off your chest right now?

You do not need to wait until a public consultation event takes place as two Councillors are available at the the town council surgery that is held on a four week basis (every 4th Tuesday at 6.15pm in the Town Hall).

Otherwise if you find your  Town Councillor you can email or write to them directly with your enquiry…

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