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Cemetery Fees & Charges

Charges & Regulations for its Management

1 APRIL 2024 to 31 March 2025

This document sets out the standard fees and charges for services provided in Devizes Cemetery.  A 50% reduction on specific fees is available for those residents who live within the parishes of either Devizes or Roundway.  In addition, some users of the cemetery will qualify for the reduction in charges as they meet the criteria previously agreed by the Burial Authority.  If you are unsure if you qualify for a reduced fee, then please contact officers at the Burial Authority.

Where a reduction in the fees is given, these are shown on the price list below the standard fee. If a customer is unsure if they qualify for a reduction in fees, a flow chart at the end of the document should provide sufficient information for them to make that determination.

Should a customer believe their circumstances entitle them to a reduction in fees but is not supported by the flowchart, an application must be made in writing and may be considered by the committee. Such an application must set out why the customer believes they have been disadvantaged by the Burial Committee charging policy and why they believe they qualify for a reduction. The determination of such an application is at the discretion of the Burial Committee and there will be no right of appeal.


Simon Fisher, Town Clerk.

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