Devizes Market Place

Devizes town centre faces a new set of challenges - everything from internet shopping to changing lifestyles.

We still enjoy a large number of independent shops, and we make good use of our community spaces — but nothing stands still forever.

The Market Place Devizes — make it your space →

A new space for our community

Over the centuries, The Market Place acted as a focal point for people to buy and sell; in its more recent history however, the space, when not being used for markets and funfairs, has given way to car parking.

For those with their eye on the future, such use of an iconic space, while convenient for some of us, was never going to be sustainable. Fewer people now come to town purely to shop — more of us see Devizes as a place to relax.

In its recent car parking review, Wiltshire Council gave the responsibility of the Market Place to Devizes Town Council, deciding to remove all parking from area, freeing up the Market Place for use by the wider community. But parking remains an important issue, and so the Town Council proposes to retain half of the existing spaces as pay and display, alongside a new community space.

In 2019, people gave their views, from which two proposals emerged...

  • One sees the community space kept to the southern edge of the Market Place, between the Market Cross and The Shambles.

  • The second proposal sees the community space located more centrally, between the Fountain and the Market Cross. 

Like all good ideas though, there are pros and cons to the plans.

Now Devizes Town Council wants to extend its consultation to as many people as possible, and invites you to take a look at the proposals which we shall publish very soon. 

It's a chance for you to say what you think might work best for Devizes, helping the planners create a space that benefits visitors, tourists, shoppers and residents of all ages alike.


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