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No Mow May

No Mow May: Embrace the wild in your garden

As we head into the warmer months (we hope!) and flowers begin to bloom, a lot of us will feel the urge to tidy up our gardens and mow the lawn. ‘No Mow May’ is now a well-established movement that encourages people to let their grass grow wild for the entire month of May. This movement aims to support biodiversity and provide a haven for pollinators like bees and butterflies.

By allowing your lawn to grow freely during May, you are creating a diverse habitat for insects, birds, and other small animals. The longer grass provides shelter and food sources for these creatures, ultimately contributing to a healthier ecosystem. In addition, wildflowers that may have been mowed down in the past have the opportunity to bloom and attract pollinators that are essential for our food supply.

Devizes Town Council will be contributing to the movement this May by leaving a few areas of grass around the town to grow. The following areas will be left uncut:

  • The edges of both the Big Green and Small Green
  • Marshall Road (towards Green Lane)
  • Newman Road (area surrounding the old water tower)
  • Patchway (by Windsor Drive Allotments)
  • Windsor Drive (where the new trees have been planted and the T H White roundabout)

No Mow May is not only beneficial for wildlife but the environment as a whole. By decreasing your use of lawnmowers, you are decreasing your carbon footprint. It also leads to less noise pollution, air consumption, and fuel consumption which all have a positive impact on the planet. This May we encourage you to consider joining the movement to help transform your lawn into a vibrant ecosystem teeming with wildlife.