Sports Facilities

Green Lane Playing Field

Situated on the southern edge of town off the A342 Andover Road, the 6.5 hectare site is regularly used by the local football leagues for their matches. The site is being considered for other uses and is also occasionally used for hot air ballon launches and archery tournaments.

The football pitches are bookable in advance by contacting the Venues Administrator . 



Green Lane Skate & BMX Park

On the same site is the Towns Skate and BMX park. This is a great example of the variety of park styles that can be achieved within a skatepark. There is a mini-ramp, a rhythm section, a plaza strip and a level change with real street style stairs and handrail.
With all of this incorporated into one space there is so much potential for long flowing lines around the whole park. Equally it helps accommodate a large number of users at one time, with certain aspects designed to appeal to each skatepark user to help avoid collisions. The Plaza area and level change is designed with skateboarders in mind, the rhythm section is very popular with BMX and scooter riders and the level change/linking street obstacles have something for everyone.








Sports facilities at Devizes Leisure Centre

Although Devizes Leisure Centre is managed by the principal authority, Devizes Town Council supports the running of this service by making a significant annual financial contribution towards its operational costs.