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Committee: Personnel

The Personnel Committee meets formally four times a year or as they need to deal with staffing issues. These meetings are held on a Tuesday following directly after the Planning Committee meeting in the Council Chamber.

Personnel Committee Responsibilities

The Personnel Committee shall be empowered to exercise and perform on behalf of the Council all powers and duties of the Council in relation to the matters listed below. 

  • Review and development of staffing policies
  • Work Force Strategy & Structure
  • Office arrangements and requirements
  • Disciplinary and appeal process

[All matters relating to discipline (including dismissal), grievances and recruitment are in accordance with the Council’s personnel policies and practices]

Ten members of the Council are permitted to sit on the Personnel Committee, these are:


Mrs Bridewell, Mrs Brown, Mrs Britten,  Geddes, Ms Hoult, Oliver,  Stevens.

Given the sensitive nature of the issues the committee discusses, agenda items are conducted in exempt session and therefore the minutes are not published.