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Committee: Planning

The Planning Committee meets fortnightly on alternate Tuesdays at 7.00 pm in the Assembly Room. 

Devizes Town Council is an advisory body to the Planning Authority (Wiltshire Council) for all planning applications that directly relate to the town’s parish area. Any objections or observations raised by this planning committee are duly reported back to the planning authority within the allotted consultation period.

All members of the Council sit on the Planning Committee SEE COUNCILLOR LIST

Planning & Building Control (Wiltshire Council)

Devizes Area Neighbourhood Plan

The links below take you to committee agendas and minutes.  Should you need to identify a specific minute, please contact Town Council officers who will be happy to help

Meeting Agenda & Minutes

To view the documents please click the date link


Agenda 28th March 2023 
Minutes 28th March 2023  
Agenda 14th March 2023
Minutes 14th March 2023 
Agenda 28th February 2023
Minutes 28th February 2023
Agenda 14th February 2023
Minutes 14th February 2023
Agenda 31st January 2023
Minutes 31st January 2023
Agenda 17th January 2023 
Minutes 17th January 2023 
Agenda 3rd January 2023
Minutes 3rd January 2023

Agenda 20th December 2022
Minutes 20th December 2022
Agenda 6th December 2022 
Minutes 6th December 2022 
Agenda 22nd November 2022
Minutes 22nd November 2022
Agenda 8th November 2022
Minutes 8th November 2022
Agenda 25th October 2022 
Minutes 25th October 2022 
Additional Agenda Item 11th October 2022  
Agenda 11th October 2022
Minutes 11th October 2022
Agenda 27th September 2022
Minutes 27th September 2022
Agenda 13th September 2022
Minutes 13th September 2022
Agenda 30th August 2022
Minutes 30th August 2022 
Agenda 16th August 2022
Minutes 16th August 2022
Agenda 2nd August 2022
Minutes 2nd August 2022
Agenda 19th July 2022
Minutes 19th July 2022 
Agenda 5th July 2022
Minutes 5th Jul 2022
Agenda 21st June 2022
Minutes 21st June 2022
Agenda 7th June 2022
Minutes 7th June 2022
Agenda 24th May 2022
Minutes 24th May 2022
Agenda 10th May 2022
Minutes 10th May 2022
Agenda 26th April 2022
Minutes 26th April 2022
Agenda 12th April 2022
Minutes 12th April 2022
Agenda 29th March 2022
Minutes 29th March 2022
Agenda 15th March 2022
Minutes 15th March 2022
Agenda 1st March 2022
Minutes 1st March 2022
Agenda 15th February 2022
Minutes 15th February 2022
Agenda 1st February 2022
Minutes 1st February 2022
Agenda 18th January 2022

Minutes 18th January 2022
Agenda 4th January 2022
Minutes 4th January 2022

Agenda 14th December 2021
Minutes 14th December 2021

Agenda 23rd November 2021
Minutes 23rd November 2021
Agenda 9th November 2021
Minutes 9th November 2021
Agenda 26th October 2021
Minutes 26th October 2021
Agenda 12th October 2021
Minutes 12th October 2021
Agenda 28th September 2021
Minutes 28th September 2021
Agenda 14th September 2021
Minutes 14th September 2021
Agenda 31st August 2021
Minutes 31st August 2021
Agenda 17th August 2021
Minutes 17th August 2021
Agenda 3rd August 2021
Minutes 3rd August 2021
Agenda 20th July 2021
Minutes 20th July 2021
Agenda 6th July 2021
Minutes 6th July 2021
Agenda 22nd June 2021
Minutes 22nd June 2021
Agenda 8th June 2021
Minutes 8th June 2021
Agenda 25th May 2021
Minutes 25th May 2021