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Plastic Free Pledge

Plastic waste is one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world today. Estimates vary, but approximately 150 million tonnes of plastic waste is floating in the world’s oceans and this is growing daily. More than 100,000 sea mammals and one million birds die from eating or becoming tangled in, plastic waste each year.

Although a small percentage of plastic packaging is recycled, the rest is discarded. Some end up in general waste bins and is incinerated or put in landfill, but much of it finds its way into our waterways, hedgerows or alongside roads. The biggest impact we can have as a town is to reduce the amount of plastic used, starting in Devizes.

So, think about how you can make a difference by signing the pledge today.
Download the relevant form below and return to ">Plastic-Free Champion, Cllr Vanessa Tanner 

We also encourage you to display your pledge.

Are you:  An individual/ A school /A local business or non-profit organisation? (A click takes you to the relevant page.)

For more information about the plastic problem and how you can make a difference, there is plenty of information to be found on the following websites.

Thank you for taking the pledge to reduce your plastic consumption at home or in the office.

Infographics from Less Plastics – visit their website for more information.