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Quakers Walk – A Place to Sit | Survey Results

Following a request to have the bench reinstated in Quakers Walk, given the problems we have had in the past, the Council decided to run a short consultation exercise to gauge wider opinion on the request.

We had 155 responses and not surprisingly, the majority of those who responded use Quakers Walk and of those who do use Quakers Walk under half were residents.

The link below will take you to the full consultation results, but on balance, most people want a bench but there is still a concern that it will become a hot spot for anti-social behaviour. Having said that, there is still a strong view that this should not be a reason for not putting the bench back. There was also a positive view that the number of benches in the area increased.

The plan is to replace a metal bench in a similar location, but on the opposite side of the path looking towards the fields. There will be a slight delay as it needs to be bolted down and this means we need to build a new concrete base.

The Council also want to explore the idea of log seats in the Quaker Walk itself, which will be discussed with the local Community Group.

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