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Devizes skatepark is a great local spot with something for everyone. There is a good selection of obstacles and it has been well designed to form a long flowing loop. The surfaces are smooth and fast making it perfect for beginners and experienced skaters.

Postcode: SN10 5DS / Construction: Concrete / Cost to use: Free / If it rains: it’s outdoors, you get wet!!

Situated off Green Lane in Devizes, the skatepark starts on one side with a hipped quarter pipe that has two extensions, and leading off these are two runs. The first is a street focused one that has a hipped bank, rail, wall ride and raised level with stair sets & hubbas up and down.

The other run features a jump box with a double roll over that leads up to a hipped quarter pipe with opposite quarter to form a mini ramp. After these is an up and down kicker with hubbas, rail and a euro gap.

The final raised level where both sections join with a hipped bank that features a euro gap, pole jam, stair set, hubba and rail and on the back side is a quarter pipe with extension.