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Sustainability Statement of Intent

Statement of Intent for a More Sustainable Community

In October 2020 we as a Council formally adopted a ‘Statement of Intent for a More Sustainable Community’. In doing so, we recognise the work that is already being undertaken to manage the environmental impact of its services, but we now wishe to go further by undertaking a more detailed appraisal and establish clear targets for addressing its impact.

In 2020, Devizes Town Council received a number of assets from Wiltshire Council, significantly increasing its portfolio of responsibilities. In broadening its responsibilities, officers and members now seek to ensure that these assets are managed in as sustainable and environmentally-friendly way as possible, balancing recognition for climate change, excessive resource consumption, the preservation of biodiversity and the resources that the community is willing to provide, endorse and support.

In these endeavours, it seeks to consolidate the efforts of voluntary and charitable groups in the town as well as the diverse commercial efforts being made to provide a better environment and will consult on these as its programme is developed and implemented.

In its own right, Devizes Town Council, is responsible for asset and facilities management in commercial properties, heritage buildings, recreational facilities and public open and green spaces. It is a consumer of energy, producer of a variety of waste streams and the operator of a small fleet of commercial vehicles and agricultural equipment. The Council has limited legal requirement for environmental compliance but elected members wish to ensure that these activities are conducted to achieve optimal energy consumption consistent with targets for carbon neutrality and manage its resource consumption to minimise demand and ensure responsible disposal.

In seeking community engagement with the process, it intends to promote and publicise the work of organisations such as Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, the Canal and Rivers Trust, Sustainable Devizes, Fairtrade Devizes, the CUDS and others and, where possible, help leverage resources to support their work.

Together with these organisations, members aspire to create an environmentally sustainable community in support of a vibrant town centre and established commercial community.

It also seeks to build into the Devizes Neighbourhood Plan building and infrastructure requirements which support these ambitions.

Devizes Town Council Assets

  •  Heritage Assets
  •  Infrastructure Assets

Assets Associated Wider Community

Many of the assets and facilities in the town are not under the Town Council’s control, nevertheless we will be keen to work with these partners to develop their own environmental policies and targets.