Council Tax and How it is Spent

How your council tax is spent

Your council tax helps to pay for services provided at all levels of local government – county and town or parish councils, as well as the police and fire authorities.The downloadable booklet aims to inform you how we will spend that money, how well we provide services to you and how we plan to improve. You can download this document below.

Expenditure 2017/2018 (£) 2018/2019 (£)
Administration, management, maintenance  787,444 805,530  
Promotions, grants, donations 43,137 44,318
Projects and facilities 558,003 695,077
Total gross expenditure 1,388,584 1,544,925  
Less Income 2017/2018 (£) 2018/2019 (£)
All Income 696,942 700,381  
Use of reserves 0 0
Council tax support funding from Wiltshire Council 0
Budget requirement (precept) 838,955 889,834


Council Tax Leaflet