Committee: Full Council

All elected members are summonsed to attend Full Council meetings. There is a statutory duty to on the authority to convene these at least 4 times during the civic year.

The following matters shall be reserved for decision by the Council itself

  • Setting the Precept charge
  • Borrowing Money
  • Making, amending or revoking Standing Orders, Financial Regulations or Duties and Powers and proper Office provisions
  • Making, amending or revoking Bye Laws
  • Making of Orders under any statutory powers
  • Important matters of principle or policy which have been referred directly by committees or officers
  • Prosecution or defence in a court of law


One way the Full Council manages performance is by regularly reviewing agreed projects. A copy of Council’s action plan can be viewed by clicking the link. Action Plan

Projects for the “Action Plan” can come forward in a number of ways, one of which is in response to public opinion, gauged through public consultation. The Council records and monitors issues identified though public consultation, through a further “Action Plan”.  This document also includes an indication of required budget necessary to deal with issues. This process enables the Council to manage its responses to community engagement exercises transparently and effectively.  

  All councillors attend Full Council meetings  SEE COUNCILLOR LIST

For a list of Councillors determined by seniority click here 

The links below take you to committee agendas and minutes.  Should you need to identify a specific minute, please contact Town Council officers who will be happy to help. 

Minutes & Agendas 2015-16

Minutes & Agendas 2016-17

Minutes & Agendas 2017-18


Minutes & AgendaS 2019-20