Finances: Overview

Your council tax helps to pay for the services provided at all levels of local government - county and town or parish councils, as well as the police and fire authorities.

Council Tax & Budget

The Town Council commences its budget preparation and discussion thereof in August of the year preceeding the setting of the budget for the relevant financial year.  The budget will be formulated and agreed over the coming months and formalised at a meeting of the Full Council in December each year.  The preparation of the budget will result in a precept requirement which is notified to the principal authority, Wiltshire Council immediately after the meeting.

The detail in respect of the Town Council  budgets are follows:

DTC Budget 2016/17 (.pdf format)    Last Year

DTC Budget 2017-18 (.pdf format)    Current Year

For 2016/17 the Town Council has increased its precept more than in previous years to pay for three additional services we have not provided in the past.

Street Cleaning ; Street cleaning is the responsibility of Wiltshire Council, however last year the service was cut to such a low level the many people felt that the town was always dirty. We plan to provide a top up street cleaning service in the town centre in the future.

Grounds Maintenance; like street cleaning, maintenance of non-Town Council amenity land has been cut to a very low level by Wiltshire Council and therefore we will be providing a top up service for these areas.

Public Toilets; Wiltshire Council have decided to close all public toilets on the 1st of April. There is a significant feeling locally that this would not benefit Devizes therefore the Town Council has agreed to take on this operation.

Expenditure over £500

The Town Council has a requirement to detail any payments in excess of £500. The following however details all payments within a specific month. Click the link below to open the payment schedule.

Devizes Town Council January 2017 Payments

Devizes Town Council February 2017 Payments

Devizes Town Council March 2017 Payments

Devizes Town Council May 2017 Payments

DevizesTown Council July 2017 Payments

Devizes Town Council September 2017 Payments

Devizes Town Council October 2017 Payments

Devizes Town Council November 2017 Payments

Devizes Town Council 2 January 2018 Payments

Devizes Town Council 30 January 2018 Payments

Devizes Town Council March 2018 Payments

Devizes Town Council May 2018 Payments

Financial Statements (Accounts)

The Town Council produces detailed Financial Statements on an annual basis.  These are approved at a meeting of the Full Council and used as a basis for the Annual Return submitted to the Council's external auditors.

Statement of Account year ended 31 March 2018

The Council's external auditor PKF-Littlejohn LLP, as of the 30 September 2018, has not completed a the annual aidit and have therefore has issued an interim report  Click here for the Interim External Audit Notice dated 28/09/2018

Procurement Information

The Town Council procures Goods and Services in accordance with its Financial Regultaions.  Please refer to the policies section of this webiste.

Annual Report

Each year Devizes Town Council produces an Annual report which summarises the Council's activities and financial position for the last financial year.  The following document was distributed to the residents of Devizes in August 2017.

Annual Report 2017