Policies & Procedures

The Town Council has a number of policies which it has adopted. These are listed below and can be downloaded.  

Policy Name  Last Reviewed

Democratic Policies

Constitution, Standing Orders & Financial Regulations April 2020
Code of Conduct June 2018
Complaints Policy June 2018
Community Engagement June 2018
Equality Opportunities Policy June 2018
Filming at Meetings June 2018
Training & Development June 2018
Risk Managment Policy Aug 20 19
Publication Scheme June 2018

Finance Policies

Grants Policy  June 2018
Statement of Internal Control  July 2017
 Asset Management Policy  August 2017
 Environmental Procurement Policy  June 2017
Operational Policies
Health & Safety Policy August 2019
Social Media Policy June 2017
Tree Management Policy  January 2020
Staff Policies  
Disciplinary Procedure July 2017
Grievance Procedure July 2017
Recruitment Policy May 2017
Trainning & Devlopment Policy July 2017
Pension Discretions Policy March 2017
Flexible Working March 2017