Policies & Procedures

The Town Council has a number of policies which it has adopted. These are listed below and can be downloaded.  

Policy Name  Last Reviewed

Democratic Policies

Constitution, Standing Orders & Financial Regulations April 2020
Code of Conduct June 2018
Complaints Policy June 2018
Community Engagement June 2018
Equality Opportunities Policy June 2018
Filming at Meetings June 2018
Training & Development June 2018
Publication Scheme June 2018
Procedure for Co-Option Nov 2020

Finance Policies

Grants Policy  June 2018
Statement of Internal Control  July 2017
 Asset Management Policy  August 2017
 Environmental Procurement Policy  June 2017
Operational Policies
Health & Safety Policy August 2019
Social Media Policy June 2017
Tree Management Policy  January 2020
Staff Policies  
Disciplinary Procedure July 2017
Grievance Procedure July 2017
Recruitment Policy May 2017
Trainning & Devlopment Policy July 2017
Pension Discretions Policy March 2017
Flexible Working March 2017