Strategic Plan & Annual Report

Strategic Business Plan

The Strategic Business Plan illustrates how Devizes Town Council will help to create the conditions to support developing Devizes as an attractive place to live, work and visit.

All councils face tough challenges over the next three years but not withstanding this, Devizes Town Council believes that it must promote and encourage improvements to the economy and environment of Devizes whilst respecting the heritage that is the hallmark of our historic town.

Following public consultation, it is clear that local people value a vibrant, clean and safe town which makes Devizes a highly desirable place in which to live, work and visit. However, Devizes Town Council recognises that it cannot be complacent understanding that many of the “public realm” services, which are currently delivered by Wiltshire Council will be reduced in the face of funding constraints.

As such, one of the key priorities for Devizes Town Council is working with other organisations to create a sustainable framework in which high standard services can continue to be delivered.

This plan is a working document and will be updated annually in January of each year in order to reflect the priorities of the Council following the setting of the budget and future forecast.

Download The Strategic Business Plan

Download Appendix 1 - (Draft Budget 2016/17)

Annual Report

Each year Devizes Town Council produces an Annual Report which gives summarises the Council's activities and financial position for the last financial year.

This report sits alongside other publications that are produced, such as the Annual Statement of Accounts and the Council Tax leaflet.

Download Devizes Town Council Annual Report

The Council manages its services in line with the adopted “Mission Statement” and “Core Objectives” for the authority. These were reviewed and adopted on the 7th October 2014.

All serviced that are delivered by the Town Council should meet one or more core objectives.

Mission Statement

To maintain and improve, where possible, the character of the town for residents and visitors

Core Objectives

The Council is committed to working in partnership with statutory and voluntary bodies, groups, agencies, voluntary bodies and individuals in order to fulfil the following objectives;

  • To promote and encourage improvements to the town’s environment
  • To the delivery of accessible health and fitness facilities for the community
  • To provide cost effective services that support the Council’s mission
  • To ensure that our public services are equally accessible to everyone in the         community
  • To provide a focus for the cultural and civic traditions which contribute to the unique identity of Devizes